New Braunfels, TX based singer-songwriter LUXE
just released her new EP: XVII. Listen and grab your copy HERE.


“XVII touches on themes of desire and burning notions of love, as well as freedom and adventure with dangerous undertones. While each song has its own unique story, they carry with them a solemn but gorgeous kind of knowledge about love and personal choices. LUXE ties together each melody with effortless sophistication that transcends her mere eighteen years. XVII is an addictive EP and resounding first release, which seems to inhabit a genre of its own while carrying eclectic sounds adapted from trip-hop, soul and timeless female singers.

LUXE began singing at the age of six and thereafter began recording her own music once she received a flip phone as a gift at the age of eight. While her aesthetic initially started off as pop inspired, she eventually delved into different types of music and transformed from a happy and naive style to an expansive, haunting and beautifully feminine sound. “

LUXE signed a 4 album deal with Austin based label/production company Invengo Records and began working with producer Joshua Rumer to develop a sound that was unique to this very prolific artist. The two met via a contest hosted by Invengo and Talentwatch in early 2016. They began hashing out a 3 song demo which led to the signing later that year.